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Celebrating the year's end with spectacular performances

28 Jun 2021

As the 2020–2021 academic year winds down, we want to share with our parents how much their children have grown and developed. 


To this end, Huili Nursery Shanghai pupils prepared a performance for our parents from 16th to 18th June. For health and safety reasons, parents were unable to attend the performance on site, so we recorded the production enabling family and friends to enjoy the video in the safety and comfort of their own homes.



The performance showcased the progress that our pupils made throughout the year. Sharing this video with the Huili Nursery community is a testament of how proud we are that our children continue to develop their unique talents and gifts. Children dressed in lovely coloured costumes took to the stage in procession. They brought us much joy with their tender voices and innocent faces.




EY1 pupils began the performance. They sang the 'Little Bee in the Garden' and 'Little Dragonfly in the Garden'. By performing songs in English and Chinese, the children were able to experience the beauty of the garden and the fun of nature while putting our bilingual teachings into practice.




Leaving the beautiful gardens of our EY1 classes, the EY2 pupils took us to the summer season. We went for a leisurely summer stroll along the beach and saw little white whales. We caught fish in the stream and rode watermelon boats. How wonderful summer is! Our pupils are ready to welcome the summer holidays by singing ‘Are you ready for some summer fun’.




EY3 pupils experienced first-hand the value of courage through songs ‘Get going’ ‘Our big band’ and ‘March to the beat’. They explored the world and waved goodbye to the past through the rhythm and melody of music and lively recitations.





Our EY4 pupils who are preparing to leave the nursery and enter Primary School, used songs ‘Friend of the world’ ‘Thankful’ and performance to express their gratitude to their teachers and classmates. 


As they move forward in their learning journey, they will take the gratitude, kindness, and joy they have gained at the nursery to a beautiful new environment where they can embrace even bigger dreams. The children may be sad to leave, but there is also an exciting future awaiting them. We wish them all happy and fruitful lives in their future endeavours.


The pupils make wonderful memories at this time of their lives. At Huili Nursery Shanghai, we aim to provide a warm, vibrant and caring setting in which they can thrive. With the help of our teachers, the pupils enjoyed a wonderful on-stage retrospective of the 2020–21 academic year. We look forward to witnessing another amazing year of growth and development in the year ahead!