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The Week Ahead 20160325

25 Mar 2016

The blossoms are out and the trees show tiny buds of green all around us. Shanghai is sunnier, warmer and fresher. Spring has sprung, my favourite time of the year; a time to witness change in the landscape, the weather and life. Spring is such a beautiful time of year, it symbolises hope and new beginnings. It represents transformations, something we are seeing much of at present. We are on the countdown to the end of our first, albeit short term. What a remarkable difference a few weeks have made; I see the development of unique individuals all around me and happy parents coming and going throughout the setting. This continues to strengthen my belief in what we do; surrounding our pupils with meaningful learning opportunities, facilitating development through the partnerships between the pupils and the teams and the teams and the parents, discovering each child’s preferences and supporting them throughout their own individual and unique journey. You not only see this, you feel it; it becomes the culture of the setting. A sense of belonging. Tomorrow sees the last day of term and for those children not staying with us for Spring Camp, we wish you a wonderful Spring break with your families. For those children staying with us, we have planned an eventful week of activities around five mini-themes to keep little minds and hands busy! If parents are looking to keep their little ones busy with activities, please do check out the Wellington Academy programme, which has opened registration for next term. There are lots of fun and exciting opportunities available – please check out details at www.wellingtoncollege.cn/academy/

Shortly after our return on April 18th, we will proudly welcome Julian Thomas, Master at Wellington College UK to our setting. Julian is visiting the Wellington College China schools and will be marking his visit by planting a tree in the garden behind main reception. We have chosen a gingko biloba tree, the oldest living species of tree, unchanged for more than 200,000,000 years. The gingko tree is revered both for its longevity and its beauty. The extract of its leaves thought to increase cognitive function, it is not only beautiful but useful. This will make a wonderful and colourful addition to our outdoor learning space and will be a constant reminder of our link to Wellington College UK. More details of Julian’s visit will be published to our parents after the break. Happy Spring Break – see you all again on 11th April.