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Setting the foundations for bilingualism in our young pupils is central to our entire early years approach, from the staffing of teams to the rhythm of the day and the environments in which they play. The stepping stones which enable the children to express themselves, understand others, think and be confidently literate in both Chinese and English are set from the beginning of their time in our bilingual nurseries. Each nursery class has a team of two partner teachers. 
Strengthened by a shared understanding of the bicultural Huili ethos, teachers, teaching assistants and early years assistants share responsibility for each child’s learning and promote all the areas of learning and development in both languages.
For young children, strong attachments and positive relationships with their educators are key to developing language and communication skills. To support this in multiple languages, the interactions they share must be meaningful. and reflect what they already know about the world.

Our learning spaces are carefully crafted to inspire curiosity in our pupils. We encourage them to express their feelings and follow their own enquiries. Our international educators always look for ways to prompt the children to practise a new English word or phrase or use their Chinese to discuss concepts at a deeper level. By hearing and then applying new vocabulary in play-based situations, children acquire a second language quickly and with confidence and joy. 


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