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We aim to provide caring and inspiring learning spaces which are built on positive relationships and developing the whole child emotionally, socially, physically and academically. As well as offering a wide range of learning opportunities, the continuous provision of resources available to pupils allows for independent accessibility and the teaching of new skills in culturally meaningful contexts.


Layouts are designed to encourage pupils to make connections in their learning and a balance of quiet reflective spaces as well as areas with open ended materials reveal their existing knowledge plus inspire them to think creatively and in collaboration with others.  


For our learning spaces to foster life-long learners, we use a child-centred approach with a balance of adult led and initiated activities with enhancements and provocations to extend thinking, communication and language and to practise and embed skills such as literacy, mathematics and scientific enquiry.    

Invitations to play which are over and above the continuous provision in the indoor and outdoor spaces help provoke new learning and motivate children to think deeply and solve problems independently. These are chosen to either respond to children’s interests and/or promote and introduce new vocabulary, concepts and specific skills.   

Our outdoor spaces are designed to offer huge potential to foster children’s Characteristics of Effective Learning in natural and surroundings. Outdoor learning lets pupils run, climb and explore in ways that are not always possible in their everyday lives.
Teaching and learning actively outdoors helps them to develop a strong sense of independence, physical strength and a sensitivity to their surroundings.  


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The Huili Nursery Shanghai community is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its pupils.