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Art Week | Celebrating the summer!

09 May 2018

To celebrate Art Week at Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai early years, the children created some unique bunting. Each child painted their own flag which we will use to decorate our Summer Carnival on May 26th. The children were asked to think about what summer means to them. They looked at a mood board of summer themed images to inspire them. Each child was given a triangle of artists canvas to work on and a palette of watercolour paint and some oil pastels. They used brushes, sponges, stamps and crayons to draw a summer themed picture.



The children had lots of ideas that ranged from different flavoured ice cream to pizza slices, driving in a fast car, wearing sunglasses, visiting the beach, garlands of flowers, smiley faces and lots and lots of water melon! They talked and giggled about their different ideas together. They shared their paintbrushes, made suggestions to each other and admired their finished pieces drying together afterwards.




Children in EY1 chose the coloured flag they wished to paint. They had their hand painted with the colour of their choice from a palette of paint. They enjoyed naming the colours and counting to three as they stamped their hands on the canvas flag.