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Chinese New Year Celebrations

08 Feb 2018

This week, children, parents and teaching staff all came together to celebrate the most traditionally important event in the Chinese culture: Lunar New Year. While we have many fond memories of 2017, we expect the Year of the Dog to offer us all much laughter, many surprises and plenty of successes. Getting ready to celebrate the new year, Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai prepared a wonderful series of Chinese New Year celebrations for 2018. The children were extremely busy creating colourful and cheerful decorations, including the beautiful dragon that is currently standing in reception to welcome the arrival of the Year of the Dog. It was decorated by every child in the setting, which is highly appropriate for this inclusive festival where everyone comes together to celebrate.  

 As well as the decorations, each class devised and prepared a traditional Chinese New Year game for our pupils to enjoy. In the morning, our pupils wore brightly-colored Tang Dynasty costumes as they came to the Chinese New Year celebrations with their parents. They visited each classroom to join in with the wide variety of activities on offer, creating plenty of exciting and joyful memories together.

Paper Cutting

Circle Game

Monster Nian

Red Bag Making

Lucky Bag

Dumpling Game

Bean Bag Zodiac Throwing

Face Painting

Dragon Making

Throwing Game

Blue and White Porcelain

Fan Making

Bead Painting

Lantern Riddles


In addition to these games, we invited many talented Chinese folk craftsmen to the setting, allowing our children to learn about artistic name painting, sugar painting and dough figurine making. They also had a chance to participate in flower arrangement and many other workshops, as well as watching folk band performances and shadow plays.


The teaching team's busy and elaborate preparations were well rewarded, as everyone had big and infectious smiles on their face throughout the celebrations. The craftsmen amazed us with their wonderful skills while the shadow play and folk band performance was a definite highlight of the day. The sights and experiences of the festival creating such a cheerful and lively scene that it reminded us of the spirit of the typically vivid Chinese New Year paintings.   

We hope that everyone who attended the celebrations enjoyed themselves hugely, and we wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2018: The Year of the Dog.