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Learning Shapes in The Butterfly Class

19 Sep 2016

Last Tuesday, pupils in the Butterfly class had the exciting opportunity to learn about and practise their recognition of shapes in a fun and exciting way. Various shapes such as circles, squares, stars and ovals were placed in different locations around the play area outside of the classroom. When pupils heard the teacher say the name of a shape, they had to locate and then jump on the shape to indicate that they recognised the shapes. It was amazing to see pupils get involved in the activity and the pupils were very engaged in the activity from the start. We could tell that the pupils were motivated by the smiles on their faces and their focused attentiveness throughout. Having pupils interact in the open space outside worked well as they could explore a cornucopia of visual stimuli in the natural environment for additional learning and support. Furthermore, the weather was nice and cool; perfect for an outing to learn and play.   We plan to make such activities a regular part of class learning. Through creative repetition of key activities, pupils will develop their confidence to participate, experiment, and engage with teachers and their classmates. The aim is that after a period of time, pupils will become more autonomous and active participants in the learning process. Indeed, once pupils have a better command of the key language, they will be able to initiate activities such as the shape game at the setting or at home with parents.