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The Week Ahead 20160615

20 Jun 2016


“The aim of a Wellington education is to allow students to develop themselves fully in every sense. The pastoral care and focus on student wellbeing at the College will value each and every student as a unique individual. The journey to individuality will also be reflected in the curricular opportunities, where every student develops fully their talents, passions, interests, knowing that

interested children become interesting adults”.

Julian Thomas, Master, Wellington College


From the Medieval Latin individualis from individuus (indivisible), to be individual means to be ‘separate or distinct especially from others of its kind; characterised by unusual and striking qualities; distinctive’. www.collinsdictionary.com. Every child is a unique child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured www.earlyyearsmatters.co.uk. Babies and young children mature in every area of development at their own pace and in their own individual ways. Inclusion means that individuals and communities are valued and no child or family is discriminated against. Young children are vulnerable, but are kept safe and develop resilience when their wellbeing is protected by adults. Health and wellbeing is an integral part of children’s emotional, mental, social, environmental and spiritual health. As practitioners we:
  • Understand and observe each child’s development and learning, assess progress and plan for next steps
  • Support children to develop a positive sense of their own identity and culture
  • Identify any need for additional support
  • Keep children safe
  • Value and respect all children and families equally
  The unique child reaches out to relate to people and things through the Characteristics of Effective Learning (www.foundationyears.org.uk) which move through all areas of learning: Children develop in the context of relationships and the environment around them. This is unique to each family, and reflects individual communities and cultures.


Encouraging individuality is one way to support your child and to create an environment in which character strength can emerge:
  • Try not to compare your child with another
  • Accept your child’s likes and dislikes (even when they differ from your own)
  • Try to rid yourself of your own agenda of what you want your child to become
  • Encourage your child’s attempts to explore their identity – even though it may take them in unusual directions
  • Let your child select their own clothes – if this is difficult, support them to make a choice between limited selections (adapted from www.catawba.ces.ncsu.edu).  

Important Upcoming Dates:

Friday 1st July

Last day of the summer term

We will see you back on 22nd August 2016

Week beginning 4th July

Talent Academy Summer Camp

Come along and join in the fun – registration open to our Wellington families